Is there a flash mob of Irish dancers heading to a town near you?

Flash mob of Irish dancers

In recent years, one phenomenon that has swept across the world is the flash mob of Irish dancers. In cities as far spread as New York and Sydney, ordinary days have been interrupted by groups of Irish dancers breaking out into unexpected performances.
Flash mob of Irish dancers
Take a look at the videos below as Irish dance flash mobs startle and entertain passersby in every corner of the globe. And who knows? Perhaps yours will be the next city to be treated to one of the surprise shows.
In 2013, this troupe of Irish dancers wowed travellers at Dublin Airport with this unexpected performance.

What better way to get the St Patrick’s Day party stated? This group gave the locals in Buenos Aires, Argentina a real treat on the eve of St Patrick’s Day in 2014.

In October 2014, more than 80 Irish dancers suddenly appeared in Union Square, New York City. The Studio2Stage experience group was promoting their latest FusionFighters video project Mission2Manhattan.

In 2012, Aer Lingus decided to celebrate their increased number of flights between Southend and Dublin by sending 40 Irish dancers in to Lakeside shopping centre to delight the busy shoppers.

Is this where the trend bagan? Before St Patrick’s Day in 2011, more than 100 Irish dancers delighted commuters at Sydney Central train station in a performance organised by Tourism Ireland.

The flash mob of Irish dancer shows no signs of stopping. In 2016, the St Patrick’s Day festival was kicked off in Lisbon, Portugal by this group in Padrão dos Descobrimentos.