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Find your fighting Irish ancestors in American Civil War records

Hundreds of thousands of Irishmen participated in the American Civil War. You can now find those fighting Irish in over six million Civil War records  released online by Findmypast.

Find your fighting Irish ancestors in American Civil War records

The records are a great resource for Americans interested in genealogy, or who want to trace their Irish ancestry and add more relatives to the family tree.

The American Civil War was a defining period in the country’s history, with thousands of Irish soldiers fighting for both sides.

With more than 40 million Americans now claiming Irish heritage, it’s not surprising that the stories of their ancestors leaving Ireland to rebuild their lives in the ‘New World’ still sparks a huge amount of interest.

Quick facts on Irish-Americans in the Civil War:

  • The first 2 casualties of the Civil War were Irish – Private Daniel Hough from Tipperary and Private Edward Galway from Cork
  • The 69th New York State Volunteers, a Union regiment, flew a green flag with a golden harp on it, symbolizing Ireland.
  • Around 150,000 Irish served for the Union, significantly less for the Confederate side.
  • A regiment on the Confederates side was known as “the Sons of Erin.”

Findmypast has recently published online over six million Civil War records for you to trace your warring ancestors. The records include Civil War soldiers, sailors, prisoners and Medal of Honor recipients and cover the duration of the war (1861-1865).

You’ll find entries for both Union and Confederate sides. The records can tell you great details on your ancestor including enlistment details and physical descriptions.

Discover your Civil War ancestors’ story, including the many Irish who were involved, now on Findmypast.

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