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Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony picture from findmypast
Susan B. Anthony

Miss Susan B. Anthony was a prominent abolitionist and social reformer. After working as a school teacher she became involved in political movements such as women’s rights and women’s suffrage.
She formed a strong partnership with Elizabeth Candy Staton and was a fine organiser and brave public speaker in the face of hostility and criticism.
She helped to establish the American Equal Rights Association and the National Woman Suffrage Association.
Susan was arrested for trying to vote and later refused to pay her $100 fine. This helped to publicise her cause and she used the media interest until the court backed down.
She died in 1906 and 14 years later the 19th Amendment, also commonly known as the Anthony Amendment was ratified, giving US women the right to vote.

Sergeant Alvin C. York

Sergeant Alvin C. York picture from findmypast
Sergeant Alvin C. York

Sergeant Alvin C. York was an American soldier during World War I. He had been a conscientious objector to the war when he was drafted in 1917. His claim was rejected and following his training he became filled with conviction that God wanted him to fight.
He became a highly decorated soldier and was awarded the Medal of Honor for leading an attack on a German machine gun nest. York and seven other men, killed 28 German soldiers and captured 132 more who were taken back to the American lines.
Sgt York’s other medals included; Distinguished Service Cross. Legion of Honour, Croix de guerre, War Merit Cross, and Order of Prince Danilo I or his service in France.
He refused to cash in on his fame following the war, instead preferring a quiet life.