February 27

1907 Rev. Canon Coslett Quinn was born in Derry on this day in 1907. He was a leading figure in the Church of Ireland in the 1900s, and translated the New Testament into Irish.

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James Cecil Parke 1946 James Cecil Parke died on this day in 1946. He was a remarkably gifted sportsman. He represented Ireland 20 times in rugby but his major sporting achievements came on the tennis court.
He won a silver medal for Britain at the 1908 Olympic Games in the men’s doubles tennis. He also won the Davis Cup as well as both the singles and doubles championship at the Australian Open in 1912.

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 2002 Irish singer Enya was awarded with the Grammy for Best New Age Album on this day in 2002 for A Day Without Rain. The album has sold more than 15m copies worldwide and was the fifth highest selling album of 2001.
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2002 Spike Milligan died on this day, 27 February 2002, aged 83. He was an Anglo-Irish comedian, writer, poet and jazz musician who was born in India to an English mother an Irish father.

Spike-Milligan-Im-not-afraid-of-dying-I-just-dont-want-to-be-there-when-it-happens Image Ireland CallingSee more of Spike Milligan quotes and his zany sense of humour here.
Spike Milligan – The Best of Q

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2009 The biggest bank robbery in Ireland’s history took place on this day in 2009. Thieves successfully stole €7.6 million from the Bank of Ireland in Dublin. The robbery was carried out by a member of the bank’s staff, Shane Travers, after six men had broken into his home the previous night and took members of his family hostage.
Travers’ girlfriend was taken along with her mother and nephew. Travers was given a photograph of the three hostages being held at gunpoint and ordered to gain assistance from his colleagues to load the money into his car.
He followed the gang’s instructions and drove to a meeting place where his car was driven away by a member of the gang leaving him abandoned. He walked to the nearest police station and reported the crime. Travers’ girlfriend and her family had also been abandoned after the handover was completed, and also made their way to the nearest police station.
A huge manhunt followed, with seven people being arrested.

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