‘Tubs’ had the ‘best night’s sleep of his life’ after climbing Ireland’s highest peak

'Tubs' finally got a good night's sleep after climbing Ireland's highest peak

Irish presenter Ryan Tubridy joked that he had the ‘best night’s sleep since he was born’ after scaling the largest mountain in Ireland during a break from work.

The Late Late Show host took a two-week holiday and visited Connemara in Co Galway before heading south to tackle Carrauntoohil – Ireland’s tallest peak.

Speaking on his RTE Radio One show, Tubs told listeners about his experience.

He said: “It was an extraordinary experience and the reaction I got from most people was ‘What, you did it? Then anyone can do it’.

“Then I came back down and drove to Dublin in an act of adrenaline-fuelled madness.

“I got home at about 8.45pm, I had a cup of tea and biscuit and then I had the best night’s sleep since I was born.

“It was such a good sleep that I would nearly go back up the mountain and come down again just to have that sleep again, it was that good.”

Like for everyone in Ireland, foreign holidays are a little difficult at the moment with the covid pandemic, so Tubridy decided to stay on these shores for a break and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

He said: “I am well-rested, I really needed a break and there are a lot of people listening today who feel the same way. If you are in a position to take a little time out, just take it.

“I missed our little trips down the Wild Atlantic Way so much that I did my own bespoke version of it.

“I headed up and down the west coast of Ireland, some of the places I revisited and I met some people that I had met along the way on the show. I took in West Cork and the Connemara coast.”

The Dubliner was also quick to heap praise on his ‘new friends’ Madi and her dad Maurice, who helped guide him safely up and down the 1,038.6 metre summit of Carrauntoohil.

He posted a picture of the three during their ascent, and joked that now he has conquered the feat, he has no plans to repeat the experience.

“I promised I’d climb it last week. So I thought about it, and thanks to my new friends, Madi and her dad, Maurice, we made it!

“A beautiful, intense, unique experience.

“It was a cold, wet and misty climb up Carrauntoohil but thanks to the loveliest people I could have met, Madi and her Dad, Maurice (and fruit and chocolate), we got there.

“Trip of a lifetime. Once should do the trick!”