‘Shane is still a punk’ says musician on MacGowan’s comeback album

‘Shane is still a punk’ says musician working on MacGowan’s comeback album

Irish music legend Shane MacGowan is returning to the studio for the first time in more than a decade to work on a solo comeback album.

The Pogues frontman has already recorded five songs and his support band say he is not mellowing at all as he gets older.

‘Shane is still a punk’ says musician working on MacGowan’s comeback album

Johnny Cronin is one half of indie band Cronin with his brother Mick. The pair have been working with MacGowan on his album and said he is still a force to be reckoned with.

Johnny said: “Most acts mellow as they get older but Shane is heading in the other direction.

“I’d liken his new songs to a raging storm. They’ve nearly taken the roof off the studio. Shane is still a punk.”

Cronin have provided the music and backing vocals for MacGowan on his upcoming solo album. The brothers are delighted to be working with such an iconic figure in Irish music.

Johnny explained: “Shane is in such fine voice. He’s been blasting his way through vocal takes and amazing everybody with his energy. It’s incredibly exciting to be recording with Shane.

“Not only is he great craic but he has such presence, and so many ideas, they’re spilling out of him.

“Shane wants to starts recording again next week but only if everyone is cool with it.

“He feels he’s on a roll recording these songs so he wants to keep going.

“As a musician and fan, I have to pinch myself, I’m in a studio helping to make what is going to be Shane’s comeback.

“Myself and the other lads are going to remember these sessions for the rest of our lives.

“To say we’re honoured to be involved is putting it mildly”.

The new album is expected to be out later this year. Here is YouTube clip of MacGowan and Cronin performing together from 2016. Just to give you a taster of what to maybe expect on the new album.

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