Irish artist spent six hours creating incredible image of Ireland on the beach

Irish artist spent six hours creating incredible image of Ireland on the beach

An Irish artist spent six hours creating an incredible image of the island of Ireland with Celtic symbols on the beach only for it to be washed away by the tide.

Séan Corcoran was well aware that his work would be short-lived, but the creative happily carved his artwork into the sands so that it could be captured from the sky.

The image is a depiction of the island of Ireland, with various Celtic symbols featured within.

It took Séan a gruelling six hours to complete using just an ordinary garden rake and similar tools.

The artwork is a massive 220-feet wide, and eleven storeys high.

Alongside the image of Ireland is the phrase ‘Keep Discovering’.

The artwork was created as part of a promotion campaign by tourism company Discover Ireland.

The phrase encourages people from both home and abroad to continue discovering the beauty and wonder we are lucky enough to have on our island.

Although Séan’s beautiful image of Ireland was only visible for a short time before it was washed away by the tide, it was captured from the sky by a drone-cam.

Discover Ireland captured the birdseye footage and created a video showing the artwork being created and the brilliant final result.

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