Spider-Man meets the Pope and he is a real-life superhero

Spider-Man meets the Pope and he is a real-life superhero

Now here is a sight you don’t see every day – the Pope sharing a smile and a greeting with Spider-Man.

The unusual meeting took place at the Vatican as the Pontiff addressed a large crowd of followers.

There are always plenty of people in attendance when Pope Francis speaks publicly, and this occasion was no different.

What was unusual is that in the audience sat alongside priests and other religious followers was a man dressed head to toe in full Spider-Man costume.

The superhero was in fact Mattia Villardita, who had received a special invite to attend the Pope’s address at the San Damaso courtyard.

Villardita was awarded his seat in the VIP section of the crowd as a thank you for the wonderful work he does as Spider-Man.

The 28-year-old Italian has immersed himself in the Spider-Man character and goes around hospitals visiting sick children dressed as the superhero.

It is this brilliant work that earnt him a prime spot for the Pope’s weekly address.

The drama didn’t end there either, as once Pope Francis had finished speaking to the crowd, he met with some of the followers.

Spider-Man would not miss an opportunity to meet with the Pope, and Villardita did the character proud.

He spoke with Pope Francis and even gave him his very own Spider-Man mask as a gift.

There are no pictures that show Pope Francis trying on his mask, but we can only hope he tested it out for size once he was back out of the glare of the public.