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Keeping germs in the family

Keeping germs in the family

If there’s one thing you can guarantee about a child, it’s that they’ll catch some, if not all, of the bugs going round their school or nursery. And what’s almost as certain is that someone else in the family – usually mum – will then catch it too.

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Six of the best… e-readers

Reviews of the best e-readers

Kindle E-Reader, 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display If you’re new to the world of e-readers – a world dominated largely by Amazon – this basic Kindle could be a good starting point. Not least because the screen is glare-free making lengthy sessions with your tome of choice easier on the eyes. …

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Feed your hair from the inside out

Hair nutrition

We all know the Golden Rule when it comes to growing your hair: regular trims to help ensure your mane stays healthy and strong – along with using suitable heat-protective products, to keep breakages, split-ends and frizzy, frazzled tresses at bay. Regular protein and deep-conditioning treatments are a good idea …

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'There are more fat 40-year-olds than chiselled geezers'

Tom Kerridge

Dieting is a divisive subject, not least with the current debate surrounding clean eating, but chef Tom Kerridge is open-minded. The cheerful TV foodie has lost 11st over the course of three years on his self-devised regime, bidding bye-bye to big boozy sessions with his ‘naughty boy chef mates’, exercising …

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Star baker rises to novel challenge

Nadiya Hussain

Star baker Nadiya Hussain has an unusual method of managing panic attacks. “When I was on Bake Off, I used to have an elastic band around my wrist and used it for shock therapy, where you ping the elastic band which reminds you of where you are and that you’ll …

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'Trump follows one Brit on Twitter – me!'

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan’s just arrived on the 20th floor of the ITV studios on London’s Southbank, half an hour after Good Morning Britain’s ended. “By this time I’m normally in bed,” he states. “I just go straight home. I don’t even talk to my wife [writer Celia Walden]. I walk straight …

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James McAvoy: "I can do anything"

James McAvoy

There’s no challenge too great for James McAvoy. The Scottish actor won over American audiences with his critically acclaimed breakthrough performances in The Last King Of Scotland and Atonement; he drew rave reviews for his gruelling 88-show portrayal of Macbeth in the West End; put in a gasp-worthy performance as …

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January blues? Are you really SAD?

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Most of us have moaned about winter being a slog. Many will have felt down in the dumps too, the grizzly weather and long, dark nights taking their toll, counting down the days until spring, when everything will be cheerier, brighter, more fun. But when does a touch of winter …

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Ian McKellen: 'Many actors just want to impress their parents'

Ian McKellen

When the young Ian McKellen showed an interest in becoming a performer, his mother, Margery, was more supportive than most parents might be of such an unpredictable profession. “Apparently she said, ‘If Ian decides to be an actor, it’s a good job, because it brings pleasure to people’,” says the …

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'La La Land is intoxicating' says Emma Stone

Emma Stone talks about La La Land

Emma Stone’s just spilt coffee on the lush carpet of the hotel suite. It’s a moment reminiscent of a scene in La La Land, where her character, aspiring actress Mia, is rushing from her job as a barista to make an audition and ends up with coffee all down her …

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