Destiny’s Child star Michelle could be related to the Nolan sisters

Destiny’s Child star Michelle could be related to the Nolan sisters. Photo copyright Drama League CC2

Music superstar Michelle Williams has discovered she has Irish ancestry and could even be related to the Irish supergroup the Nolans.

Williams is undoubtedly music royalty herself, having been a part of the US girl group Destiny’s Child.

Led by Beyonce Knowles, the band had countless worldwide hits and became global icons.

Williams recently looked into her family history and was surprised to find she had Irish heritage.

What is more is that she learned that she has relatives with the Nolan surname.

This news prompted the Nolan sisters to tweet Williams jokingly quoting the famous lyrics from one of her biggest songs.

They sent: “Question: Michelle, can you handle us? I don’t think you can ­handle us!”

Williams was onboard with the banter and quickly replied: “I think I can!!! Let’s find out one day!”

It is a unique situation to think that two of the greatest girl bands of all time, formed more than 20 years apart on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, could contain family members.

Linda Nolan continued the conversation with Williams by tweeting her: “Hi cousin.”

Williams was again quick to reply: “Hellooooooooooo!!”

Linda Nolan spoke to the Irish Sun about the potential link with Williams.

She said: “Doing a family tree? We wouldn’t even know where to start. People have trouble trying to tell us sisters apart at the best of times.

“If we do a series three of The Nolans Go Cruising, she’s welcome to join us. Or she can come to Blackpool or we can take her back to Raheny, where we’re originally from in Dublin.”