Men are not happy to share food until four months into a relationship

couple in cafe

A study on couples in romantic relationships has revealed it takes men up to four months before they are happy to share food with their partner.

The study was conducted by From Mars and also revealed other opinions that are widely held – such as the length of time into a relationship before it is acceptable to break wind in front of your partner.

From Mars surveyed 2,000 people about what rules and habits they expect to be followed when it comes to dating.

couple in cafe

The results showed that couples like to take things slow before they start to behave in ways that would resemble acknowledging that they are actually in a couple.

For example, 78% of men are not comfortable with their partner wearing their hoodie or top for at least five months into their relationship.

Five months is also the minimum amount of time to wait before 20% of men would find it acceptable to leave a toothbrush at their home.

Women are slightly easier going when it come to relationship behaviour, although 27% don’t think a man should fart in their presence for eight months – and 33% said they should never do so.

Women also say that men should close the bathroom door before peeing, which is probably fair enough.

When it comes to toilet trouble, ladies don’t want to hear about it from their partners for at least 10 months, while fellas think seven months is acceptable.

Interestingly, 11% of men would be happy to discuss toilet issues with their partners after just two weeks.

Men are less comfortable with women’s periods, with 67% thinking they shouldn’t hear about them until six months into the relationship.

While men like to maintain their homes as sanctuaries for as long as possible, 25% said they are happy to let their partner have a drawer in their home after 3-6 months.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcallingJoin our community