Louis Walsh insists Irish TV doesn’t pay enough to keep its talent

Louis Walsh insists Irish TV doesn’t pay enough to keep its talent

Louis Walsh has praised the talented performers that can be found in Irish television but insisted they would make more money if they went to work abroad.

The music manager was speaking about the hit reality show First Dates Ireland and described it as the ‘best show on TV’.

Louis Walsh insists Irish TV doesn’t pay enough to keep its talent

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However, the Mayo native insisted he would never go on it because the money isn’t good enough.

Walsh said: “I love that show First Dates it’s the best thing on TV, it is a great show.”

Asked if he would ever consider appearing Walsh replied: “No, no way, I’m not doing any TV, they don’t pay and I don’t do any TV if I’m not going to get paid.”

Walsh was the manager of two of Ireland’s greatest ever boybands with Boyzone and Westlife.

His standing in the music industry, and a friendship with Simon Cowell, saw him appear on the British series the X Factor for the past decade.

He was also a judge on the Irish series Ireland’s Got Talent but insisted he just wanted to bring the show to his own country and won’t be doing it again.

Walsh said: “If Michelle and Lucy came back, but you aren’t going to get these people. Listen everyone has moved on.

“But we had the best fun doing the show.

Walsh was even adamant he wouldn’t make a guest appearance on his friend Lucy Kennedy’s reality series, Living with Lucy.

The defiant star said: “No I wouldn’t, I only do shows where I will get well paid. Also listen people work for nothing here.

“People in Ireland here work for nothing. And people slag off, you know some of those RTE guys, but they are worth their money.

“Because that is what makes people tune in.

“If they were in any other country in the world, they would be making four times as much money do you know that.

“Anyone can have their 15 minutes but you need a talent to survive .. you have to earn it, you have to be good.”

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