What are some of the best little-known attractions in Ireland?

Newgrange. Photo copyright Shira CC2.5

Ireland is blessed to be a country full of areas of stunning natural beauty, as well as plenty of sites of interest from various stages in our history.

As well as that, some of our major cities are among the most vibrant in the world.

There are certainly a wealth of impressive attractions in our little island.

Newgrange. Photo copyright Shira CC2.5

But what about the lesser known attractions and hidden gems that the country has to offer?

Well there are plenty of these too. A Quora user asked the all-important question and got some great suggestions.

Here are some of the best answers:

Roy Stapleton said: “The Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast is well known BUT there is a segment that the typical tourist does not see and that is from Kilkee village Co.Clare going SOUTH.

“This awesome drive passes cliffs and ocean views better than Cliffs of Moher. End up at Loops Head lighthouse.

“Then visit the village of Carrigaholt and have lunch at Long Dock Inn. Locally there are a school of dolphins you can book local boats to view during certain times of the year. That’s my favourite trip, going south of Kilkee on Wild Atlantic Way.”

Deirdre Beecher nominated Gougane Barr in Co Cork.

She said: “What makes it special? The lake which is the headwater of the River Lee; The chapel, which isn’t very old in itself, but is built on the location and in the same style as church of St Finbarr.

“The cliff down to the lake which reflects the setting sun and the walks up the valley, into the forest smothered with moss and ferns, along leaping streams.”

Sarah Kelly said: “Newgrange – I absolutely loved this place but I feel like it’s not one that’s talked about too much. It dates back to megalithic times and is a passage tomb that was built to light up fully by the sun on two days of the year. You can get a tour of the inside and it’s really interesting.

“The Gleniff Horse Shoe drive – this drive in sligo is really worth it just for the views. It is a six mile loop on a single lane road which is surrounded by mountains

“Glengesh pass in Donegal is quite similar with a zig zag road up through a valley surrounded by mountains.”

Stevie Morrow had a good tip for beer fans.

He said: “If you like great craft beer (and who doesn’t like great craft beer) try the Hilden Brewery near Lisburn, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.”

Ailsa Pm said: “The Featherbeds and the Guinness Lake – one of my favourite drives at any time of year.”

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