Irish students create powerful anti-bullying video

anti bullying video

Pupils at an Irish stage school have gone viral after creating a powerful anti-bullying video which they hope will encourage us to all be a little kinder to each other.

The video is called ‘Your Words’ and was made by the Much Ado stage school in Derry with funding from ‘Hope for Youth’.

Your words was directed by Rois Kelly-Lynch and starred students Grace, Esther, Sean and Ethan on lead vocals.

anti bullying video

It features a song recorded by Gareth Lowry and the video was filmed by Double Jump Film Company a Co Tyrone’s Baronscourt Estate.

The students were asked to write down words that they found upsetting. They came up with words such as ‘fat’, ‘tramp’, ‘worthless’ and ‘stuck up’.

These words were then used in the video to highlight how much damage that can be done by social media bullies.

The lyrics focus on the nature of social media and how it seems that people who we don’t really know ca sometimes seem to have plenty to say about us.

The song’s simple but powerful chorus features the line: “Your words keep ringing in my head, I can’t erase those things you said.”

Rois Kelly-Lynch Told the Irish Mirror: “This project was produced by Creative Arts & Social Team (CAST) I am on one of the directors alongside Samantha Mitchell. The project was kindly funded by Hope for Youth.

“We hope it will ring true to anyone going through a tough time at the minute and encourage them to reach out and ask for help.”

Well done to everybody involved from all of us at Ireland Calling.

Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcallingJoin our community