Incredible Irish dancing dog wins admirers around the world

Incredible Irish dancing dog

A dog that can perform a fantastic Irish dance routine with its owner has become an online sensation.

Secret is an Australian Shepherd and has been trained by his owner Mary for several years.

The pair have posted several videos online in the past and have nearly half a million social media followers.

However, their latest video was so impressive that it spread like wildfire online across numerous social media accounts.

The video begins with red-haired Mary and Secret standing alongside one another facing the camera with their legs crossed, in a similar pose to that of actual professional Irish dancers from shows such as Riverdance.

The music then begins and both Mary and Secret start stepping in perfect unison to the left, to the right and then a hop forwards.

The precision of each movement is exact, with both Mary and Secret moving their lefts legs, and right legs simultaneously.

The rehearsals must have taken a while to create such a well-polished routine but the love between pet and owner is visible throughout the video as Secret stares up at his owner to stay in time with the next step.

Mary, who calls herself, my_aussie_gal on Instagram posted the video the day before St Patrick’s Day with the message: “Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

“Here’s me and Secret doing a traditional Irish jig this morning to celebrate!”

The response to the video was overwhelmingly positive, with commentators praising both performers for their poise, skill and timing.

It even caught the attention of Hollywood legend Ben Stiller. The Zoolander actor is a dog lover himself and joked he has not been able to train his pet pooches with the same success as Mary.

Stiller wrote: “I’m lucky if I get a reluctant paw raise for a huge piece of turkey bacon.”

That’s a starting point for the Meet the Parents star, but they have a lot of work to do if they hope to catch up to the level of Mary and Secret.

Mary’s Instagram page mentions that Secret has been ‘learning tricks and chasing balls since 2014.