How much will Irish couples spend on their wedding day in 2020?

Bride and groom

The amount Irish couples are spending on their wedding day is getting higher, with the predicted figures for 2020 showing an increase from previous years.

Couples are expecting to spend an average of nearly €30,000, according to

The wedding planning site surveyed 1,400 couples who are planning to marry in 2020. They asked several questions about their spending plans including what they planned to pay for various aspects of their wedding day.

Bride and groom

The most expensive feature of the big day for most couples will be the wedding venue, which will cost an average of €14,989.

This was followed by the couple’s engagement rings (€3,070) and wedding reception band (€2,182).

The most popular type of venue was a hotel. Second place was a country house, with castles in third place.

Average amounts couples were looking to spend on the following parts of their wedding:

Venue: €14,989
Engagement Rings: €3,070
Band: €2,182
Wedding Planner: €1,849
Wedding Dress: €1,789
Photographer: €1,674
Videographer: €1,431
Wedding Rings: €1,336
Evening Entertainment: €762
DJ: €498
Wedding Car: €491
Ceremony Music: €485
Accessories: €478
Beauty Treatments: €434
Photobooth: €430
Celebrant/Solemniser: €378
Price per suit: €260
Average number of suits bought: 4.3
Bridesmaid Dresses (per bridesmaid): €208
Bride’s Makeup: €139
Hairstyling (per bride): €112
Makeup (per bridesmaid): €96
Hairstyling (per bridesmaid): €69

The total average spend for 2020 is expected to be €29,624 – which includes a couple’s wedding day and honeymoon.

This is higher than the 2019 total of €28,462 the average of 2018.

The survey also looked at how couples were paying for their wedding. It revealed that an average of 45% of the money was provided by the couple’s savings, with the rest coming from parents, gifts and loans.

Nearly half (43%) of couples said they were struggling to stay within their budget. A considerable amount (13%) admitted to overspending by as much as €5,000-€10,000.

The average number of guests was 162, at a cost of €73 per guest.

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