Daniel O’Donnell reunited with estranged sister after five-year rift

Daniel O'Donnell

Irish singer Daniel O’Donnell was reunited with his estranged sister Margo after a fall out had left them out of contact for more than five years.

The musical siblings had not spoken since 2014 when they had a row after their mother’s funeral.

However, they are now back on speaking terms after featuring on Brendan Courtney’s new RTE show Key To Life.

To some, Daniel would have been the more famous name of the two siblings but it was actually his sister Margo who first introduced him into the music business.

Margo enjoyed a successful career herself and sold over two million albums.

She hinted that she would be open to a reconciliation with her brother when speaking in 2018. She said: “Things are not good there. It has been four years in May since mum passed. That’s how long it has been since we spoke. That’s the way it is.

“But he is doing magnificently well and he is my brother and I love him dearly because he is a good man.”

Thankfully, Daniel and Margo have begun to make amends after being invited onto fashion designer Courtney’s new show, which sees celebrities revisit previous homes.

Courtney said: “They are back speaking now. I didn’t know anything about that which is good.

“We just rang him and he said he would do it and then she was delighted to see him. We had heard there had been a family rift after the death of the mum.

“And you know what my family killed each other after my father died, there was murder.

“I think that is kind of normal because people are so grief-stricken and funny enough, I had the conversation when I contacted Margo.

“She said there was a bit of a rift in the family after the mum died because the mother was so pivotal, so I totally related to that.

“We brought Margo back to the house they shared in Ballinteer in the 80s and Daniel was the surprise.

“But they are all back talking now.

Courtney was delighted to have the big-name siblings appear on the show, and was quick to point out that Margo had been a big star in the music industry. He added: “And people think it is going to be all about him but she got him into the music business and she sold over two million albums.

“She bought her house in cash in 1978 because she went to get a mortgage and they said she needed to get a husband so she just took out a big bag of cash and asked will they take that.”

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