Quora user asks ‘what is the best place in Ireland?’ – gets dozens of different answers

Improve your photography skills while on holiday in Ireland

Many tourists who visit Ireland come from the other side of the world.

Having taken such a long, and possibly expensive journey, it is understandable that they would want to make the most of their time.

One person asked users of the question and answer website Quora ‘What is the best place in Ireland?’

Improve your photography skills while on holiday in Ireland

Of course, for such an open-ended question – as well as Ireland having such a diverse range of attractions from historical sites to areas of natural beauty to bustling cities to charming villages – there were plenty of different answers.

Here are some of the best:

Michael McCarthy said: “As your question is in the singular i.e, place. I would have to say Dublin.

“Don’t get me wrong, there are many, many places outside of Dublin that are fantastic maybe to the point that the rest of the country has more to offer than Dublin, but, and here is the important point – none of these places, on their own, can compete with Dublin.”

Hamish O’Cahan added: “In my opinion the best places are the off shore islands because they are just so different from the well trodden tourist haunts on the mainland.

“Inishboffin, the Blaskets and many other islands are candidates for the best place but I would choose Rathlin Island.”

Helen Savastio posted: “Drive north and visit Donegal for some beautiful scenery (Malin Head, Slieve League, Horn Head, etc) and you can meet some really engaging people.

“Or you can drive west and visit Galway, Clare or Mayo. All have beautiful sights and again, you can meet some great people.”

David Flanagan said: “The Giant’s Causeway is a region of Northern Ireland that is steeped in legend and mystery. It offers four stunning walking trails to suit every ability.

“Beautiful cliff-top rambles in a Designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with plenty of picnic areas, interactive spaces and magical natural features that are intriguingly unique.”

Vernon Landau posted: “One of the most visited natural attractions in all of Ireland, the Trabolgan Water Park rise up from the swells of the great Atlantic Ocean like petrified bulwarks of stone.”

John Snow said: “Just to the south of Dublin is Wicklow, you could see the Wicklow mountains (very scenic). A place that is very popular among tourists is Galway city.

“There are some nice beaches in Wexford, Curracloe is one of them. Also, there is the golden vale, an area in the southern part of Ireland, it is very scenic and a nice place to spend time in.”

Several other must-visit Irish attractions that got a mention were Glendalough, the Ring of Kerry, the Burren, the Cliffs of Moher, Killarney National Park and the Rock of Cashel.

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