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Druid looks out

The Druid is a large wooden statue, opposite Molly Gallivan’s cottage, Bonane, Kenmare. It is carved from the remains of a pine tree, which has stood there for hundreds of years. The carving represents the first settlers in the area over 6000 years ago. The Druid looks out over the valley to the highest point on Barra-Bui mountain where a Cairn burial on the summit marks the resting place of one of his ancient chieftains.

Druid looks out over Barra-Bui mountain

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The Irish world for ‘road’ is ‘Bothar’, while a narrow lane is called a ‘Boreen’.

America’s first chocolate shop was opened in 1765 at Dorchester, Massachusetts by Irishman John Hannon.

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Irish legend says that the souls of people who had rejected St Patrick’s teachings would come back as werewolves.

In ancient Ireland, people were most scared of being abducted by fairies during the month of May.

Irish superstition fairies
Connemara ponies come from the Connemara area in western Ireland – it has a very inhospitable landscape which has made these ponies resilient and strong.

Three theories of where the ponies originated;

1. The Vikings brought over ponies when they invaded Ireland from AD795 onwards, and the Connemara ponies developed from these animals.

2. Some believe the Connemara pony is believed to be a descendant of the Irish Hobby, which lived before the 13th century, but is now extinct

3. Some galleons from the Spanish Armada ran aground in the west of Ireland in 1588, and the Andalusian horses they carried were released on land. These horses are said to have inter-bred with native Irish ponies and became the Connemara ponies.


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There are more dogs in Ireland per capita than any other country in the EU.

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The word hubbub is derived from the ancient Irish war cry abu! It came into the language in the 16th century from the Irish battle cries; ababú, abú.

Hubbub meant ‘confused noise of a shouting crowd’.

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During the American Revolutionary War up to 50% of the troops were of Irish descent.

Irish Soldiers in American Revolutnary War

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