Ed Byrne – quit university to be a comedian

Ed Byrne. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Ed Byrne is a hugely successful comedian from Dublin. He has toured the world and performed to sell-out crowds in Ireland, the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia.

Ed Byrne. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Byrne started doing comedy when he was at university in Scotland, and soon realised that was what he was truly passionate about. He promptly quit his studies and moved to London to begin work as a stand-up comedian. Since then, he has become a regular face and popular personality on television in Ireland and the UK, and even further afield.

He is happy to make jokes about himself onstage, particularly about his appearance, but his observational material is his trademark, with his intelligent insights into everyday life being the basis for many of his best routines.

Byrne is also close friends with fellow Irish comic Dara Ó’Briain, with each of them acting as best man at the other’s wedding.

Ed Byrne – Live At The Apollo


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