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Dublin National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

The National Botanic Gardens cover 48 acres that contain 20,000 living plants and millions of plant specimens.

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Visitors can enjoy walks in the gardens through flowers, shrubs and water features. The architecture within the gardens, such as the Palm House and Curvilinear Range greenhouses, is also remarkable.

Palm House – Botanic Gardens Dublin

The gardens were founded in 1795 by the Dublin Society. They contain a walkway known as ‘Addison’s Walk’ which features a double line of yew trees and has been there since the gardens opened. The Palm House building contains several tropical and subtropical plants.

Scientific institution

As well as being an area of beauty, the gardens are also a scientific institution. Specialists work on initiatives for biodiversity conservation, and sustainable development. They are also a training centre for horticulturalists and many prize orchids have been bred on the grounds.

The staff are always looking to increase their knowledge of Irish flora and find a better understanding of how to protect endangered species of plants.

Weeping willow from the bridge - Botanic Gardens Glasnevin
Weeping willow from the bridge – Botanic Gardens Glasnevin

Visitors can take a guided tour of the gardens. There is also a visitor centre that contains a restaurant, lecture hall and display area that holds exhibits about the history of the gardens.

They are roughly 3km away from the centre of Dublin and are a peaceful and tranquil way to spend an afternoon. Certainly a calm before the storm for those planning to head back to the city to take in the nightlife.

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