Dublin James Joyce tour

James Joyce is one of the most famous writers in Ireland’s history and is a hugely significant figure to many people who visit Dublin.

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Joyce was born in Dublin and took his inspiration for many of his major works, including Dubliners and Finnegan’s Wake, from his home town.
Tourists can take a tour of the streets of Dublin that inspired much of these works.
In another tour you can follow in the footsteps of Leopold Bloom, the main character in Joyce’s classic novel, Ulysses. As Bloom is searching Dublin for somewhere to eat he passes several buildings and interesting characters.
James Joyce
The book worked as a social commentary as it contrasted the well fed with the under-nourished people that Bloom met along his travels.

Ulysses exhibition

The James Joyce Centre is home to many of the pieces from the James  exhibition that appeared in the National Library of Ireland between 2004-06.
Visitors can get a real feel for the novel and learn about the controversy the book caused as well as the life of Joyce himself.
There are several interesting items relating to the novel including three documentary films, interactive computer installations that take the visitor through the novel and even the original real life front door of No. 7 Eccles St where Bloom lived in the novel.

Bloomsday in Dublin

The day in the life of Leopold Bloom depicted in Ulysses was 15th June and has become known as Bloomsday.
There are several events in Dublin to celebrate Bloomsday.
In 2012, there was a Messenger Bike Rally in aid of disadvantaged children, a recital and music evening at Mont Clare hotel, celebrations at the James Joyce Museum and a week- long Bloomsday festival at the James Joyce Centre.

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