Dublin Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin is the most visited attraction in Ireland.

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You can take a tour of the storehouse and find out how the famous stout is made. You can also enjoy live music and have some food and drink.

Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

Along with folk music and shamrocks, Guinness has become synonymous with Ireland. For many people the very image of a pint of Guinness has become a symbol for the country.

Unique architecture of Guinness Storehouse

Sláinte with a glass of Guinness

The Storehouse was opened in 2000 and cost £30million to build. It is seven storeys tall and has a glass atrium at the centre.

The atrium is shaped like a giant Guinness pint glass. Millions of tourists have visited since it opened.

In 2006 Guinness spent €2.5m building an extra wing of their storehouse. People who visit the new wing are able to see the Guinness brewing process in action.

What can you do on the tour?

While on the tour you will learn all about the 250 year history of the famous drink. The tour ends at the Gravity bar where visitors are given a complementary pint.

Around 100 tourists each week are invited to the storehouse computer to set the first step of the brewing process in motion.

There is also a new tasting lab where visitors can sample the beer from the keg line and are taught by the Storehouse professional tasting team how best to savour the drink.

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day at the Storehouse

Bill Clinton

Since 2006 the storehouse has hosted a three-day fringe festival to mark St Patrick’s Day. Hundreds of acts from Ireland and all over the world appear at the Storehouse.

There is a variety of entertainment during the festival with acts performing comedy, jazz, Celtic rock and American marching band music.

The Guinness storehouse has attracted several celebrity visitors including movie stars Elijah Wood, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Rupert Everett as well as bands such as punk superstars, Green Day and Irish crooners, Westlife.

Former Formula 1 driver Eddie Irvine and even US President Bill Clinton have also visited the storehouse.

More on Guinness Storehouse and your personalised bottle of stout

You can take a video tour of the world famous Guinness Storehouse thanks to this YouTube video from Ireland’s Best Hotels.

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