Dublin Guinness Storehouse memorabilia

The Guinness Storehouse features an advertising gallery which tells the stories of some of Guinness’ classic adverts

There are plenty of places to relax with a bite to eat and a pint of the black stuff. You can also get souvenirs such as personalised bottles or choose from a wide ranging selection of Guinness merchandise.

Get a personalised bottle of stout

At the end of your tour, when you get back down to the ground floor, you will arrive at the Guinness Store.

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The store has the largest selection of Guinness merchandise and memorabilia in the world and many of the items in the shop are exclusive to the storehouse.
The Guinness Storehouse features an advertising gallery which tells the stories of some of Guinness’ classic adverts
At the storehouse you can even create your own personalised bottle of stout.

Guinness advertising campaigns

Guinness sign
Guinness has a history of creating memorable and award winning adverts. The store’s Advertising Gallery tells the stories behind how many of those ads were created.
It covers famous icons such as the toucan, and various TV commercials, posters and sponsorship of cultural and sporting events – all of which have combined to make Guinness one best known Irish brands across the world.

Five bars to relax and have a drink

In all there are five bars/cafes/restaurants where you can settle down and relax with a pint.
Arthur Guinness
The Gravity Bar is in the roof of the building which is the ‘head of the pint of Guinness’ in the atrium. It is the highest bar in Dublin and you can see for miles across the city from all angles.
The food in the Brewers Dining Hall has been cooked using Guinness. The Beef and Guinness stew is particularly popular.
Arthur’s Bar has a traditional Irish pub feel with a modern twist. It celebrates Irish pub culture such as a love of music and sport.
Gilroy’s Restaurant pays homage to John Gilroy – the man who created the famous ‘My Goodness my Guinness’ marketing campaign.
On the ceiling are pictures of several animal characters that were created by Gilroy. It is a waiter service restaurant that serves traditional Irish food.
The Barge Cafe is a self-service cafe where you can get light bites such as sandwiches, brownies and flapjack.

Live entertainment

The storehouse puts on live music all year round musicians from all over the world are welcome to apply to perform there.

Guinness glass

There are large open spaces to perform and several talented up and coming performers apply to play there.
Thousands of tourists visit the storehouse each day. The performers and the visitors feed off each other creating a great atmosphere.

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