Dave Allen – Irish comedy legend

Dave Allen – master storyteller and razor sharp wit. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Dave Allen is considered to be amongst the greatest comedians that Ireland has ever produced.

His ability to keep his audience hanging on his every word as he told a story was remarkable, all the time building the suspense to the punchline of his joke.

Dave Allen – master storyteller and razor sharp wit. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Allen was born in Dublin, and began his career as a journalist, before quickly deciding to move into comedy.

He was hugely successful, thanks to his sharp intelligence that allowed him to find the funnier aspects of everyday life.

Allen was a star of Irish and British television throughout the 1960s and 70s. He often poked fun at the Catholic Church which drew some criticism, but just as many fans loved him for his fearless approach to comedy.

He also made various serious documentaries throughout his career, and was a keen amateur artist in his spare time.

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