Youngster forced to present live radio show in hilarious prank

A fresh-faced Irish youngster was given a rough ride on his first day as an intern at a radio station when he was abandoned in the studio by the crew and put live on air to present the show himself.

The stunt was part of RTÉ’s ‘The Fear’ programme, normally presented by Bernard O’Shea, Jennifer Maguire and Keith Walsh.
However, on this particularly day, the regulars decided to play a trick on their naive new starter and throw him straight in at the deep end.
Kevin is a 19-year-old college graduate who has got a job as an assistant in a radio studio. Just minutes after arriving on his first day, he is told that the usual presenters are sick and he will have to read the news.
He calms himself and reads the news thinking that is all he has to do, but is then abandoned in the studio by Jennifer Maguire, the show’s usual presenter, who tells him just to keep talking and not to leave any dead air.
Kevin is told to tell a funny story by his dead-pan, solemn producer who makes the poor lad suffer by constantly criticising and scolding him in his ear.
Kevin stutters and stumbles his way through quite well to be fair before being told he has been pranked.
Watch the video below but be warned there are a few uses of bad language throughout.