Will Ferrell warns of the dangers of snakes in hilarious TV interview

Will Ferrell sings Danny Boy for St Patrick's Day

US comedy actor Will Ferrell had the audience in stitches as he put his own spin on the classic Irish song Danny Boy during an appearance on the David Letterman Show.

Ferrell appeared on the stage dressed in a stereotypical green leprechaun outfit as he told the host what St Patrick’s Day meant to him.

In the tongue-in-cheek interview, the Anchorman star talked about how in the midst of drunken behaviour, people had forgotten the true meaning of St Patrick’s Day.

Will Ferrell sings Danny Boy for St Patrick's Day

This was that Ireland’s national saint had gotten rid of all the snakes in the country. Ferrell went on to talk about how dangerous snakes were in Manhattan, New York and how every St Patrick’s Day he likes to dress in his St Patrick’s Day outfit and go out warning passers-by of the dangers of snakes.

He told Letterman that he was telling him ‘what the media doesn’t want you to know’.

Here is an overview of some of Ferrell’s funniest moments when appearing on chat shows.

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