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Wedding guests love best man’s song

A best man at an Irish wedding took the guests by surprise recently when he burst into song for his ‘speech’.
The wedding reception was in full swing as the guests were settling down for the speeches and customary wedding toasts.
Conor D’Arcy was the best man for his brother Enda. When it was his turn to make a speech he produced an acoustic guitar and sang a poignant song.
Irish best man delights wedding guests with hilarious and moving song at his brother's wedding
It had a bit of everything, laughs, tears and plenty of heart.
At the start of the song he explains that his best man’s speech will be performed in song, but reassures the wedding guests ‘don’t worry it won’t take long.’
What followed was a fantastic, funny and moving take on a best man speech and the video has now gone viral.
Take a look at the video below.

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