What our Irish mammies say when we go on holiday

Things Irish mammies say when their grown up kids are going on holiday

Take a look at this video that hilariously demonstrates the relationship between an Irish mammy and her grown up son.

Irish mammies never stop worrying and fussing over their kids – even when they are all grown up and should be more than capable of taking care of themselves.
This video by Chrisy Walsh highlights some of the things we have all heard from our mammies every time we go on holiday.

What our Irish mammies say when we go on holiday

They are keen to make sure we remember to put on sun cream as the consequences of being out in the beaming sun for too long can be horrendous – especially for the typical uber white skinned Irish person.

Our mothers also like to know that we have thought of them while we were away and appreciate it when we bring them back ‘a little something’.

However, we must make sure not to overdo it as if we spent too much that can also result in a telling off.

They are concerned about how we will be behave when we arrive at our destination – and also what the locals will be like.

Our mammies tell us to make sure we don’t bring our passport out with us as it belongs in the safe – and do we really need to be going out every night anyway?

On the other hand, as Chrisy’s video demonstrates they can be extremely generous as well as a little bossy.

Most of all we must remember to contact them when we land to let them know we have arrived safely.

Take a look at Chrisy’s video below.

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