Thai Tims tribute to Ireland’s Olympic heroes

Thai Tims sing song for Olympic heroes Gary and Paul O'Donovan

Ireland’s Olympic heroes the O’Donovan brothers have had a song written about them by some very special children – The Thai Tims.

The Thai Tims are a class of schoolchildren in Thailand who learn English by singing Irish songs – and sometimes writing their own.

The joy that the children sing with has won them fans all over the world.
Thai Tims sing song for Olympic heroes Gary and Paul O'Donovan
Gary and Paul O’Donovan won a silver medal in rowing at the Rio Olympics. They captured the heart of the nation with their hilarious interviews throughout the course of the games.
In one interview about their tactics Paul said: “Nothing too complex really – A to B as fast as you can go and hope for the best. Close the eyes and pull like a dog.”
After winning the silver Paul said: “We’re dreading going home now because (Irish boxer) Mick Conlan said he would box the head off us if we didn’t get the gold.”
Their videos went viral around the world as people in all different countries were charmed by their West Cork accents and dry sense of humour.
The lads inspired the Thai Tims to write a song to mark their achievement. The kids used the brothers’ phrases such as ‘Pull like a dog from A to B’.
Here are the lyrics in full:
Pull like a dog
Gary and Paul O’Donovan
Like ducks to water do
From Skibbereen came the men in Green
To row the Irish canoe
Pull like a dog from A to B’
A silver medal for you
Your day will come, on the TV
To row the Irish canoe
Take a look at the video below.
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