Rubberbandits produce hour-long documentary on Easter Rising

Comedy duo Rubberbandits produce Easter Rising documentary for RTÉ

The events of the Easter Rising will be investigated and reported by Irish comedy duo the Rubberbandits.
The musical duo, Blindboy Boatclub and Mr Chrome, will produce an hour-long documentary for national channel RTÉ about the historic event.Comedy duo Rubberbandits  produce Easter Rising documentary for RTÉ
It may sound like an unusual match-up, with the Rubberbandits usually being associated with prank phone calls and comedy songs. Their most famous work to date is the ludicrous but hilarious song Horse Outside, which reached number two in the Irish music charts in 2010 and has been viewed more than 13million times on YouTube.
However, they have been selected by RTÉ to produce the documentary about the Rising, and will no doubt have their own unique perspective on the event.

100 year anniversary of the Easter Rising

Next year is the 100 year anniversary of the Easter Rising and there will be numerous events and activities taking place across Ireland to mark the occasion.
It looks like RTÉ want to make sure they have every angle covered, by commissioning the show.
It is a big opportunity for the Rubberbandits as it will be the first time they have had their own show on the national television station. They have previously appeared on various sketch shows without making the step up to stars in their own right.
Bosses at RTÉ feel the time is right to give the Rubberbandits their chance, after they had audiences in stitches at Edinburgh Festival and received rave reviews for their Continental Fistfight tour.
The self-styled ‘Hardcore gangster rappers from Limerick City’ will be hopeful that if this show is a success then it could lead to their own permanent slot on RTÉ.
For those of you who haven’t heard the Rubberbandits famous hit Horse Outside, here it is, although be warned it does contain some strong language.