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More laughs from RTÉ in ‘Every Funeral Ever’ video

To follow up the hilarious Every Irish Wedding video, RTÉ’s Republic of Comedy have provided another comic look at the inside of Irish family occasions.

This time it’s Every Funeral Ever, and the comedy team have again looked beneath the surface of the mournful events, and picked out the funnier moments that we will all recognise.

More laughs from RTÉ in 'Every Funeral Ever' video

From the disorganised manner which the men of the family carry the coffin, to hopeful heirs inappropriately arguing over “who gets the house”.

Many people will also relate to being part of a sandwich production line to provide refreshments for the wake, and trying to comfort a distraught friend of the deceased, only to find that his tears have selfish motives.

Watch out for a haunting twist to the tale aswell, which is not revealed until the end.

Watch the video and enjoy.

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  1. Colleen McCaughey

    I thought it was funny as heck, i laughed my head off

  2. Colleen McCaughey

    I laughed my ass off, good humor for a funeral. It was really funny stuff

  3. Colleen McCaughey

    that was funny as he-l , great humor for a funeral laughed my ass off

  4. A star is born.l pray that my dreams comes true.

  5. A star is born

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