Martin's parents talk about Christmas when they were kids

Martins Life Christmas

Everyone’s favourite Irish animation Martin’s Life gave us another fantastic video over the festive period, as Martin’s parents discuss what Christmas was like when they were young.Martins Life Christmas The scene will be familiar to us all. It begins with the family all sat around the living room deciding what films they should watch over Christmas.
Martin’s dad hopes that classic Christmas film Home Alone will be on, with his favourite actor Macauley Culkitt. He also comically mispronounces the name of another big screen legend.
Before long, Martin’s parents start to reminisce about Christmases of old, and the inevitable competition of who had it worst ensues. Martin’s Mam even says his Dad was like royalty because one year his English relative brought them all sweets wrapped in paper. He responds by saying that they weren’t really sweets but stones, although they sucked them anyway.
Martin is no more than a spectator as his Mam and Dad argue about who was poorest.
The video is right on the mark and will strike a chord with anyone who has ever heard their parents tell them ‘how lucky they are’ and ‘how tough things were when we were young’.
As in the previous Martin’s Life videos, the generation gap between youngsters and their parents is skilfully portrayed with hilarious results.
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