Letter home from an Irish comedian living in London

Seán Burke - Irish comedian makes hilarious video letter about living in London

A short video from an Irish comedian living in London has gone viral as it takes an amusing look at the differences between his new life and the one he left behind.
Seán Burke’s video shows just what he misses about home when he is living in a big city.
However, he also isn’t shy about poking fun at preconceptions about seeing London for the first time. The video starts with him walking through the streets and looking at the landmarks in wide-eyed wonder.
Seán Burke - Irish comedian makes hilarious video letter about living in London
He uses a classic technique, used by many a famous movie director, of getting his cameraman to circle around him and take a close up of his face from all angles as he takes in the vastness of the city.
However, the next camera angle shows that Burke is spinning himself around, like a bit of an oddball!
Burke narrates the video in the form of a letter home.
He starts by saying: “Dear lads, everything moves so fast here in London – except the bar staff!
“I ordered a pint last night. It should arrive sometime this afternoon.”
Other things that come in for criticism include the quality of the Guinness, the tiny living space that you get for your rent and the fact that Londoners think he is being fancy when he uses Irish-isms like ‘grand’ (it just means fine).
He is also keen to avoid Irish stereotypes so makes an effort to ‘act blasé around potatoes’.
He demonstrates that while you can take the man out of Ireland, you can’t take Ireland out of the man when he says that he often wakes up in a panic that he has left the immersion on – before realising that ‘there is no immersion here because I live in wardrobe’.
There are some good points to living in London. Whenever Burke is feeling homesick he remembers that a flight home would be quicker than a Dublin bus journey into town!
Take a look at the video below.