Irish school children talk about the Easter Rising

Irish children answer questions about the Easter Rising

A group of young Irish children have been asked about the Easter Rising and what it means to them.

The questions were put to the kids by Irish YouTube channel Youth Tuber, who like to find out what Ireland’s children think about various subjects.
The children’s innocence often means that they come up with adorable answers – and often hilarious ones.
Irish children answer questions about the Easter Rising
In this video the children discuss one of the most important events in Ireland’s history. As it was recorded just before the centenary commemorations, the children seemed to have been taught well.
Many knew that the Rising was a rebellion by the Irish who were trying to ‘get back their country’ or wanted their ‘independence from England, but England didn’t want us to have independence’.
However, they didn’t have everything down to a T.
One girl said: “It happened one thousand years ago.”
A boy asked: “Is it something to do with Easter eggs or something?”
Another girl added: “Basically the English were being really, really, awfully mean to the Irish and we were like ‘excuse me! You’re not allowed to be really, really, awfully mean to us’. So we were like ‘hmmph’ and they were like ‘hmmph’ and then 1916 happened.”
Some of the children showed that they did know about the Rising in a bit more detail. For example some knew that the rebels ‘went in to the Post Office’.
They also were aware of the ramifications of the Rising. One boy said: “It’s important because we wouldn’t have had our country, we would just be Great Britain.”
His friend added poignantly: “Yeah, we wouldn’t be Ireland.”
The kids all seemed to think that the best way to celebrate 1916 would to throw a big party – although there were a couple of slightly more aggressive answers!
The last word went to Oscar and Luca who said: “We should celebrate it with loads of Easter eggs!”
Take a look at the video below.