Irish Mammy not the best camerawoman for daughter's beauty video

Irish Mammy not the best camerawoman for daughter's beauty video

An Irish beauty vlogger asked her Mammy to film her doing her makeup for one of her tutorial videos although it all didn’t go exactly to plan.
Laura Culliney, from Co Clare, spent 30 minutes carefully applying her mascara, eye-shadow and eyeliner in front of the camera with tips and advice for her followers on how to get the perfect look.Irish Mammy not the best camerawoman for daughter's beauty video
The only problem was, her camerawoman and Mammy, had forgotten to set the camera on record!

Only after she had finished her demonstration did Laura realise that the camera wasn’t rolling and then pressed the record button herself.

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Her Mammy’s reaction to her mistake is priceless, as she panics and swears much to the amusement of Laura.
Laura sent the video to and said: “I gave my Mam the task of being my camera woman just to check and see was I in focus and to keep an eye to make sure it was recording.
“Unfortunately Mam isn’t a great camera woman and we didn’t record a half an hour of the makeup look. Mam had a little typical Irish mammy meltdown while I tried to contain my little bit of disappointment, but the reaction of Mam was priceless and I even cracked up laughing myself.
“Mammy Culliney is hilarious and she doesn’t even know it she cracks everyone up and is loved by all my friends because of her great funny personality as you can see from her hilarious comments in the video. She is also a bit of a feather head and forgetful. She is your typical Irish mammy.”
Take a look at the hilarious clip for yourself.

can you please share this video my irish mammy having a little camera woman melt down
Posted by Laura Culliney on Monday, December 28, 2015