Hilarious video – Irish mammies on Social Media

Irish Mammies on social media

An Irish student has posted a hilarious video named Irish mammies on Social Media.

The creator, who calls herself MCluvs2laugh, has released several videos on Facebook and YouTube but this latest one seems to have struck a chord, with more than 180,000 views in its first week online.

Irish Mammies on social media

The video is simple, it shows the typical questions and confusions faced by Irish mammies when they join in with social media.

Some of the questions include: “So if I send that to David Beckham now will he see that?”

The video also shows the Irish Mammy’s daughter trying to help her understand how to use social media, as she tells her: “Mam you don’t have to actually write on Auntie Bridget’s wall to say hello to her you can just send her a message.”

To which the poor Mammy replies: “And what’s the wall now?”

The video is less than a minute long but captures some of the most common confusions faced by many people as they venture into the world of social media. It is another fine example of youngsters poking fun at their elders for their lack of understanding of modern technology.

Martin’s Life was one of the most popular series of online videos to come out of Ireland last year, as he skilfully captured the comedy in everyday conversations between Irish families. See his videos by clicking the links below.

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The MCluvs2laugh sketch is certainly up there along with Martin’s Life and has proved hugely popular so far with several positive messages posted online.
Take a look at the video below.