Irish dog steals phone from owner and wants to play

Irish dog steals phone from owner and wants to play

An Irish man faced the ultimate showdown with his pet dog after it stole his mobile phone and wouldn’t give it back.

Eimear O’Donnell recorded her brother Sean chasing around after their golden retriever Beau after the cheeky pooch had grabbed his mobile phone in his mouth and ran off.

Irish dog steals phone from owner and wants to play

The hilarious battle unfolded as Beau playfully ran away from Sean everytime he got close.

Initially, Sean can see the funny side, but he soon loses his patience as Beau repeatedly evades him, and also leads him into the long wet grass causing his trousers to get muddy.

As all good siblings do, Eimear stood watching the whole episode whilst recorded it on her own mobile phone, which she had kept safely away from Beau.

She posted the video on Facebook, and it immediately went viral with news sites all over the world featuring the story.

In the background of the video, you can faintly hear the classic Otis Redding chill out song Sitting On the Dock Of the Bay which Eimear mentions at the start, adding: “This is so funny with this music.”

You could add any soundtrack you chose and this would still be funny!

Summing up the video online, Eimear posted a charming sentiment that will resonate with dog owner everywhere. She said: “The world’s worst dog… and I still wouldn’t change him.”

After an entertaining chase, Sean finally manages to get close enough to Beau to retrieve his phone, which was thankfully still working after the dog saliva had been wiped away.

Take a look at the video for yourself.