Little cutie is Irish dancing before he can even walk

Irish dancing baby

You might be about to see the next big Irish dance star of the future.
Despite being only four months old, and unable to walk, little Ricah Besau can definitely jump and step with the best as this entertaining video shows.Irish dancing baby
Ricah’s dad Joseph noticed that when his baby boy was playing in his bouncer he was jumping and stepping with great rhythm.
He explained what happed to “He must get his moves off his mum because they definitely don’t come from me.
“He started up when she went up to the bathroom and I just thought it would look great with some Irish music playing in the background.
“He can’t crawl let alone walk, so I have no idea how he can dance so well. The way his legs were going from side to side was just amazing.
“He might have a career in Riverdance if he keeps that up. Whenever the music comes on it’s just his natural reaction.”

Ricah lives with his dad Joseph and mum Keshia in Southampton, England. Joseph explained that little Ricah only started his performance once his mum had gone for a shower. He didn’t want his partner to miss their talented boy’s exhibiting his dancing skills so he recorded it on his phone.
“It came as a surprise to me to see him bopping away like that.
“I might have to download the whole Lord of the Dance soundtrack and get him started on that.
“I noticed him trying a few moves in his walker and thought it would be funny if I played some Irish music.
“You can hear me laughing in the video because I found it so hilarious. Keshia could hear me, so I showed her the video and she loved it too.
“We certainly aren’t Irish so I don’t know where he gets his inspiration from.
“He’s got a little smile on his face the whole time too. I reckon he knows he could be the next Billy Elliot.”

Take a look at little Ricah’s great performance for yourself.