Irish American guy delivers hilarious speech at wedding

An Irish American delivered an hilarious best man speech at his best friend’s Italian wedding.

Matt Gunn opens his well-rehearsed sequence by admitting that he knows he is the fourth speech, and “you guys are probably tired of them, so I am going to assure everyone that this is going to be the quickest three and a half hours you guys have ever listened to!

“My name is Matt, and as you know I’m sharing best-man duties with Paul’s brother Joe, in case you guys get us confused, an easy way to remember is that I’m the only freckled, pale Irish person that was invited to this super Italian wedding.”

Irish American guy delivers hilarious speech at wedding

He then jokes that the room looks like a scene from Goodfellas and he better move on before “one of Paul’s uncles puts out a ‘hit’ on him!”

Matt then turns to his friend Paul and says: “Janine deserves someone who is smart, caring, funny and good looking so thank God she married you before she was able to find that guy.”

The speech is full of warmth and love throughout, and Matt makes a point of theatrically removing any inappropriate jokes from his large pile of notes in front of the celebrating guests.

He genuinely compliments the bride on her brains and beauty and tells the groom what a lucky man he is to have find his soulmate.

The charmer then said that one day he hopes to meet his soulmate too, and that “maybe that girl’s here tonight”, before telling the audience that he is single, which car he drives and what hotel and room number he was staying in!

The video of the accomplished performance has been gaining regular views on YouTube since being uploaded in the summer 2013. However, it has now been spotted by some of the online media and the views are expected to soar in the coming weeks. It is certainly worth a watch.

Watch the hilarious speech below.

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