Hollywood stars visit Co Westmeath pub

Locals at a pub in Co Weastmeath were given a shock at the weekend when two Hollywood actors strolled through the door.

In what sounds like it could be a set up for an old fashioned joke, the Irishman and American who walked in to the bar were Cillian Murphy and Johnny Depp.

But rather than getting up to any hilarious or hell raising hijinks the movie stars simply ordered some food and drinks and went to sit at a quiet corner of the pub.

Johnny Depp and Cillian Murphy with a fan in Weir's pub, Multyfarnham, Co Westmeath
Johnny Depp and Cillian Murphy with a fan in Weir’s pub, Multyfarnham, Co Westmeath

Whistle stop tour of Ireland

Depp had been on a whistle stop tour of Ireland and was joined in Cork by Murphy who was born in the county. They stopped by the village of Multyfarnham to visit Irish American writer JP Donleavy.

They were joined in Weir’s pub by more movie makers including director Bob Mitchell and it was speculated that they were discussing the possibility of bringing one of Donleavy’s books to the big screen.

The pub’s co-owner Pat Weir said: “One of the waitresses came in and said you will never believe what is going on, Johnny Depp and Cillian Murphy are here.”

Two absolute gentlemen

Johnny Depp has his picture taken with fans at Weir's pub
Johnny Depp has his picture taken with fans at Weir’s pub

The locals left the stars alone at their table but as they left many people approached them for an autograph and a photo. Mr Weir said: “They are two absolute gentlemen – you couldn’t meet nicer.”

“He (Depp) turned around to my niece and gave her a hug and he said, ‘stay safe my love’. He couldn’t have been nicer — taking time to spell the names properly.”

Depp had plenty of time to sign autographs for the children in the pub who were excited to see him because of his role in Willy Wonka. He also told the locals that the “Guinness was fabulous”.

Murphy said that he wished they could have stayed longer.