Groomsmen put on fantastic dance medley at wedding reception

Groomsmen put on fantastic dance medley at wedding reception

A wedding party was given the perfect start by the groomsmen who performed this hilarious dance medley for the delighted newlyweds and all their guests.
The performance included all the necessary ingredients for a successful wedding dance medley; boyband love ballad, 80s classic, Let It Go from Frozen, Grease, and the grand finale of the Riverdance. Yes, this clip is as good as it sounds!Groomsmen put on fantastic dance medley at wedding reception
It began with the fellas getting themselves into full boyband mode with one lead singer lip-syncing Westlife’s Swear It Again while his friends gestured and swayed in the background.
Once the love ballad was complete, the party could really get started with Queen’s classic I Want to Break Free, and of course one of the men did put on a dress and start vacuuming the stage in true Freddie Mercury style.
Next up was what must have been the most uploaded song of 2015 – Let It Go from Frozen. The lads shared out the dancing responsibilities, with another stepping forward donning a blond Elsa wig and taking centre stage.
He was beautifully supported by his pals who circled him gracefully waving ribbons around.
After the emotional ballad it was time to raise the volume again and the boys chose a Grease classic to get the wedding party back in full swing.
After such a great medley, they needed to finish on a high and certainly didn’t let themselves down.
The music changed to the iconic Riverdance song and the gents went full throttle at their Irish dancing performance. It would be fair to say they are not quite experts, but definitely didn’t lack enthusiasm and did put together a great piece of choreography amongst all the mayhem.
The lead Irish dancer, playing the role of Michael Flatley, struts across the stage with a jacket that has the names of the bride and groom – Garry and Nat – written on the back. Congratulations to them on their happy day. And well done to the dancers for giving them a great performance.
Take a look at the hilarious video for yourself.