Great videos – Irish joker spoofs Liam Neeson and Adele

Irish joker creates great videos spoofing Adele and Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson might have finally met his match in a great spoof video which sees an Irish guy standing up to the Hollywood hard man.

The video – which was posted by Wexford Corporation – begins at the famous scene in Taken that sees Neeson on the telephone calmly but firmly explaining to the people who kidnapped his daughter that he would find them and kill them if she isn’t returned safely.
However, Wexford Corporation tweaked the dialogue a little. An unnamed man is heard on the other end of the phone – and he is a little confused about what Neeson is saying to him.
Irish joker creates great videos spoofing Adele and Liam Neeson
He asks who he is talking to, thinking it might be ‘Aoife’s Da’. When Neeson explains that he doesn’t have money so cannot pay any ransom the man just tells him he has the wrong number.
He is also unimpressed when Neeson threatens him with his ‘very particular set of skills’. He tells him: “G’way ye wouldn’t bait eggs.”
After that the conversation gets hilariously heated and the man really stands up for himself.
Take a look at the video below – Warning – strong language.

In another video the joker plays the role of an innocent but increasingly irritated man who is being bombarded by phone calls from an emotional female stranger.
It is a spoof of the Adele hit song ‘Hello’
The video sees the man answering the call every time Adele sings ‘hello’ but, like before with Neeson, he isn’t afraid to use strong language to let her know she has the wrong number.
Take a look at the video below.