Great video – Irish backpacker shocks his parents on Skype

Great video - Irish backpacker gives his parents a shock on Skype

An Irish backpacker gave his parents a huge shock in a hilarious video that has gone viral.
Roger Ryan, who is currently travelling around Australia, contacted his parents Pat and Mary via Skype.
However, it wasn’t a simple call from a quiet room and there seemed to be quite a commotion in the background.
Great video - Irish backpacker gives his parents a shock on Skype
It was certainly very noisy and Roger had to shout into his computer in a bid to be heard. Despite Roger’s shouting, his parents still couldn’t make out what he was saying.
Eventually Roger told them: “Ok, I’ve got to jump from an aeroplane now, talk to you in a second.”
With that, he jumped out of the plane and we realise why it was so noisy in the background.
The camera continues filming and as Roger skydives from 14,000 feet his father says: “I thought he was on a bus!”
The video which was filmed by Hostelworld, then features a fair amount of cursing from Mary and Pat but ultimately they took the shock remarkably well.
Hostelword said in the video description: “We all know it’s normal to call your parents whilst travelling, usually from the comfort of a hostel or café. But why not share your travel adventures with them first hand?”
Take a look at the video below.
Be warned – there is some pretty strong language from the parents, as you could imagine!