Hilarious 'smartphone hospital' video from Irish trio

Foil Arms and Hog phone hospital

Ireland’s hottest comedy trio are continuing to produce hilarious videos on a weekly basis for their online viewers to enjoy.
Foil Arms and Hog have featured several times on Ireland Calling thanks to their inventive and original comedy videos that give a modern fresh look at life.Foil Arms and Hog phone hospital
We have picked out three of our favourites from the Foil Arms and Hog vast library of laughs.
The first sees a tense hospital drama in which doctors have to make critical decisions on patients’ treatments and surgery. All the while the nervous family are waiting outside hoping their loved ones will pull through.
It doesn’t sound like an ideal setting for comedy, but the twist is that the ‘patients’ are actually expensive smartphones that their owners have damaged or broken.

The next video is a rare musical performance from the Irish team. The Ryanair song basically describes the process that many travellers will have endured at some point in their lives – the frustrating and painful experience of flying on a budget airline.

The last video sees the boys get confused about the numerous and subtle variations there are in identifying the nations across the Irish Sea. Is it Great Britain? The UK? England?

Foil Arms and Hog have become hugely popular comedy star over the past few years. Their unique and original ideas are always brilliantly executed in front of the camera, and their YouTube channel now features dozens of great short comedy clips.