Brosnan stars in new Superbowl advert

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan shows that he is able to poke fun at himself in a tongue-in-cheek new advert for this year’s Superbowl.
In the advert the James Bond actor is having a discussion with an agent about a possible upcoming role.
Pierce Brosnan is pitched a not-so-epic movie in hilarious Superbowl ad
At first both are full of enthusiasm for the new project but Brosnan begins feel he must be missing something as the plot twists described by the agent don’t seem to be as exciting as he was expecting.
While Brosnan was hoping for fast cars, snipers and explosions it appears that the agent has set him up for a film with more subtle charms.
The advert is actually for the car – Kia Sorento – and the agent’s plot twists are all ways of showing off the positive aspects of the new vehicle.
Brosnan seemed bemused by the seemingly uninteresting plot twists and the advert showed he was a good sport.
Take a look at the video below