Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson strike ‘Irish’ poses

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson - Comedy stars strike ‘Irish’ poses in hilarious interview

Comedy superstars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have been striking some Irish poses as they promote their latest movie Zoolander No 2.

The pair have reprised their roles from classic cult movie that came out 15 years ago and delighted their Irish fans with a new look – Green Mist.

The original movie followed the fortunes of ‘ridiculously good looking’ male model Derek Zoolander and his young rival Hansel.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson - Comedy stars strike ‘Irish’ poses in hilarious interview

Zoolander was famous for his signature pose (Blue Steel) but Stiller put a twist on the look when the guys spoke to

They also said that if a third installment of Zoolander was to ever happen, they would consider filming in Ireland as the people are so good looking.

Stiller said: “Irish people are really good looking. Ireland is a really good looking country. Really, really good looking.”

He then pulled some Irish poses with names such as ‘Green Mist’ and ‘Craic Attack’.

Wilson wasn’t to be outdone and jumped in with a striking pose called ‘Shamrock & Roll’. The pair then took on a more soulful and religious type of pose called ‘The Angelus’.

The pair then talked about how often they had worked together. The interviewer asked them which of the 13 movies that they had worked on together was their favourite.

Wilson said ‘I love Midnight in Paris’ but Stiller had to remind him ‘I’m not in that one’.

When Wilson was asked to think of a movie he enjoyed that also included Stiller he said: “Armageddon was a fun time, we had fun on that one.”

Stiller again had to correct him: “That was Ben Affleck.”

Joe’s interviewer finished with the brilliant question: “Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?”

Wilson and Stiller took the question seriously and came up with a surprisingly logical well thought out answer.

Take a look at the video below.

Here is the trailer for Zoolander No 2.

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