‘A Very Irish Film’ – brilliant spoof movie trailer

Comedy team Foil Arms and Hog have created a hilarious spoof film trailer for ‘A Very Irish Film’.

The Dublin trio posted the video on YouTube yesterday and it is already attracting the attention of comedy fans.

It features clichés of ‘every Irish film ever’ such as “lots of name screaming” and “lots of unnecessary scenic views for the Irish tourist board”.

‘A Very Irish Film’ – brilliant spoof movie trailer

The spoof highlights and pokes fun at all the usual themes that have been the backbone of numerous Irish films for years.

Ireland’s lost battle for freedom, family struggles during times of war, the unjust persecution by the British, and the importance of religion – none of these usually sensitive issues are safe from Foil Arms and Hog’s comical sketch.

The video is brilliant. The performers have really captured the essence of many Irish films, and turned them upside down for comedy.

All you Irish movie fans, get ready because the big one is on the way.

Watch the trailer for ‘A Very Irish Film’ below.

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