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Becoming an Irish citizen through marriage or civil partnership

bride and groom

People from overseas who are married to an Irish citizen could be entitled to become an Irish citizen – if they meet certain criteria. They need to apply for citizen ship through naturalisation. It is the same process that any foreign nationals would go through.

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Gaining Irish Citizenship through family ties

Family tree on Irish flag

Are your parents Irish citizens? If either of your parents was born in Ireland, and is an Irish citizen, you are automatically an Irish citizen – wherever you were born. You can Follow this link to apply for an Irish passport – although having a passport is not a necessary …

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How to become an Irish citizen

Irish passport on Irish flag

Many people across the world are proud of their Irish heritage, but can they actually become an Irish citizen as a result of their ancestry? Hollywood star John C Reilly recently revealed that he was to become an Irish citizen, despite being ‘one grandparent away’ from being eligible.

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