Presents, family, food, drinks…what do the Irish like most about Christmas?

What do the Irish like most about Christmas?

Every year families gather together and spend some quality time to celebrate Christmas.
Great food, presents and drinks shared with loved ones make Christmas many people’s favourite time of the year. But what do Irish people like most about the festive season?What do the Irish like most about Christmas?
Keogh’s Farm carried out a survey to find out some of the traditions that Irish people go through every year.
It revealed that the most popular part of Christmas is the food, with nearly two out of three people saying Christmas dinner was their favourite part of the holiday.
Traditional turkey and ham will be served up in 78% of Irish dining rooms, and more than half will be enjoying their Christmas meal at home.
Tom Keogh of Keogh Farms said: “Mealtimes are an event, a cause for celebration. I make it my business to celebrate Christmas using produce from Irish suppliers each year and I urge those beginning their Christmas shopping now to do the same.”
Keogh Farms have launched a festive snack of Crispmas flavour crisps, a delicious blend of roast turkey and secret stuffing flavours.
Keogh said: “The stuffing recipe comes from my mother Denise and will remain a closely guarded family treasure. I will share this much though – the crisps taste fantastic in a leftovers sandwich.”
Other interesting points from the survey were that 42% of Irish people will raise a glass to loved ones no longer with them over Christmas dinner, and nine out of ten people will pull a cracker at the dinner table.
Of course, Christmas is traditionally a time for children, and the most popular memory from childhood for Irish people is leaving the snacks out for Santa.